SCENE Connect - FAQs

What is SCENE Connect?

SCENE Connect is a database of community renewable energy projects and knowledge exchange platform. It is intended to have global coverage and reach, and has started in the UK.

Why does SCENE Connect Exist?

SCENE Connect primarily exists to fill in knowledge gaps in the community renewable energy sector. It allows for connectivity in a sector which is characterised by a lack of communication and market access. SCENE Connect is also intended to act as a policy tool by creating an accurate and dynamic picture of region by region progress and barriers in community energy.

Haven’t I Seen this Before?

You may have seen a project map before, but SCENE Connect aims to be much more than this. This is an attempt to look very seriously at the problems in the sector in the broadest terms, from financing and grid connectivity to community organisation and investment plans. SCENE connect is a service, with the bonus of allowing us to collect valuable data, with which to offer policy recommendations from solid research.

What is SCENE?

Sustainable Community Energy Network (SCENE) is a social enterprise, focused on bridging the gap between the private sector and the general public through good engagement practices and ownership of renewable energy. It offers research, consultancy and financing solutions in the renewable energy sector.

How do I join SCENE Connect?

SCENE Connect is currently open to any community energy project which involves electricity or heat generation in the UK. Follow this link to fill in the survey and be a part of the project.

Who uses SCENE Connect?

First and foremost SCENE connect is used by community energy project leaders to provide information, learning and tips to those who are looking to do the same. The platform will also be used by academics who are looking at trends in sector. Restricted access will also be given to private sector stakeholders policy makers and the general public.

How can SCENE connect help me?

If you are in the midst of a community energy project, or contemplating going down that road, then learning about past projects whether successful or unsuccessful will give you an insight into the path ahead. All participants will be able to pick up tips and best practices from all around the UK and abroad.

Can anyone see the information that I provide?

No. Membership to SCENE Connect is tiered to allow greatest information access to those who are active in the sector as community project leaders. Other interested parties will have restricted access. Furthermore, your information is protected by the user agreement to the terms of use of the website. Personal names and e-mail addresses are not given to anyone, not even to other community project leaders.

Who funded the project?

The project has been part-funded by The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) and SCENE itself.

What is the scope of the project?

SCENE Connect is intended to be a global portal, though currently only the UK is ‘live’. Work is ongoing in Germany, Denmark and Holland.

Does SCENE Connect apply to projects which do not involve energy generation?

For now, SCENE Connect is focused on energy generation, rather than (highly worthwhile!) organisations such as renewable energy consumer cooperatives. Hopefully, we’ll be able to include additional kinds of community endeavours in the future.

How can I learn about progress and new features?

We will send out a quarterly newsletter detailing all aspects of expansion, improvement and troubleshooting.

How do I get in touch about technical issues and ideas for improvements?

Please get in touch with us at .

Can I get involved in the project?

Yes. We are always interested in hearing from those who share our passion and can acknowledge the problems that exist in community renewables. Get in touch with us at .