SCENE offers research solutions to businesses, communities and governments to help facilitate the spread of community-owned renewable energy everywhere. Our diverse research and IT team brings a rich blend of skills and experience to the table, covering the gamut from web development and integration through econometric, geospatial and sociological analysis. SCENE also has a wealth of advisors and collaborators to draw on, ranging from legal and financial experts to community development officers around the world.

Our current research projects include:

Development of a Social Impact Renewable Energy Standard

Despite continued heated public debate on the role and rights of local communities in renewable energy development, there is presently no way to readily compare the social impacts resulting from renewable energy projects and associated benefit schemes. This project aims to address this shortcoming and institutionalise local engagement and benefits in the renewable energy sector. Ultimately, the aim is to mainstream local community engagement and integrate social standards into RE business strategy and operations, enabling socially responsible practices to bring added value and reputation to renewable energy enterprises. A simple index or scoring system that can effectively disclose the social performance of key actors in the RE sector has the power to substantially facilitate the uptake of renewable energy.

Modelling Social, Economic and Political Risks to Renewables Deployment

SCENE is currently developing an econometric model that can be used to map and assess the likelihood of successful local uptake of renewable energy by local organisations. The model combines a bottom-up approach, including factors such as organisational capacity, socio-economic variables and political opportunity, with a conventional financial risk assessment. This dual approach serves to generate a comprehensive risk‚Äďassessment tool that can take account of the social and political variables that can render a community project risky.