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SCENE Connect pilot is now live!

SCENE Connect aims to increase transparency of renewable energy development throughout the UK, Europe and the world and to facilitate information access and informed choice for local communities. Thanks to seed funding from The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, our community renewable energy database project is being developed with the aim of filling some of the communication and information gaps that currently constrain the community renewable energy sector globally.

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This project is driven and dependent on the time, support and input by community organisations, as well as that of Ph.D. students, researchers, umbrella organisations engaged in community RE projects and volunteers. Our collaborators include the University of Edinburgh’s Institute of Governance, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, and the Development Trust Association Scotland. Get in touch if you are:

  • A community that wants to better linkages and knowledge flow between like-minded organisations
  • An umbrella organisation that wants access to knowledge and greater connectivity for its members
  • An academic or institution that is looking to collaborate on creating a global network of community renewable energy projects
  • A company looking to make a positive impact in community renewable energy

The data currently being collected include aspects such as the legal status, organisational characteristics, business models, social networks, technologies, and council policies, land acquisition, and funding sources. Is this of interest to you? Get in touch with !

SCENE makes information collected through SCENE Connect accessible and understandable to the public, in the form of community renewable energy progress reports. The first of these covers Scotland.

Read our Scotland reports

Summary 'How are Community Renewables faring in Scotland'
Scotland ReportScotland Summary Report view and download (1673 KB)

Full 'A Report on Community Renewable Energy in Scotland'
Scotland Report FullScotland Full Report view and download (1200 KB)